Finally made it to Zendcon08!
After spending a couple of days in LA and San Francisco, doing the touristy stuff like visting Hollywood Blvd, a twilight tour of Alcatraz and cycling 15km from Pier 39 across the Golden gate bridge to a little city called Sausolito, I caught a train to Santa Clara for the conference. (pictures of the holiday on flickr, facebook and here)
Day 0 was yesterday, which consisted of a few mammoth 3 hour sessions. The ones I attended were :

  1. PHP Developer Best Practices
  2. SQL Query Tuning: The Legend of Drunken Query Master

Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Mike Naberezny took the first session, and the talk did cover a lot of best and suggested practices, most of which I was happy to see we were (my company) already practicing, like having a separated dev, staging and production server, unit testing, having and maintaining coding standards etc.

The second talk was by Jay Pipes on tuning MySQL and was the best of the day. I knew some of the stuff, but it was good to get a refresher. There were some revelations though, like for example

in a table INT(1) and INT take the same space! The (1) is just a zerofill, it makes no difference to the size.

When storing IP addresses in a table, it is better to use a big int field and convert IP’s to numbers and vice versa using INET_ATON and INET_NTOA.

All in all a pretty good day