The official kickoff of Zencon, started with a keynote by Harold Goldberg, CEO Zend technologies, and Andi Gutmans. They announced a new partnership with Adobe and the release of Zend Studio 6.1.
Once the keynote was finished I attended :

  1. Of Haystacks and Needles by Derick Rethans
  2. Tiery Eyed by Kevin Schroeder
  3. PECL Picks – Extensions to make your life better by Elizabeth M Smith
  4. The Knight Rider Methodology To Software Development by Eli White
  5. State & Ajax – How to Maintain Browser and Application State in an Asynchronous World by Paul Reinheimer
  6. (In)secure Ajax-y Websites with PHP by Christian Wenz

The talks by and large were pretty good although a few of them were a bit more beginner level than I expected. I do however have to specifically point out the talks given by Eli White and Christian Wenz.
True to the title, The knight rider methodology talk showcased a lot of interesting tools that a good PHP developer should consider adding to his arsenal along with clips from the Knight Rider, complete with 80’s hair, 80’s fashion and The Hoff!
Christian Wenz had one of my favorite talks of the conference, covering the various insecurities that PHP developers overlook when making AJAX rich websites. He covered the popular SQL injection and cross site scripting as well as the more interesting (to me) Javascript and XML attacks.
I’m glad I fought through the jetlag just because of that talk :)