Day 2 of Zendcon and once again it was a little hard to get up in the morning, but decided to head to Zendcon early to get my hands on the breakfast at the conference.
The day began with another keynote, dealing with new age PHP applications. The presentation was given by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner on Magento, a new open source ecommerce application.
The initial talk I wanted to attend, got cancelled at the last minute, so that altered my schedule slightly. My schedule for the day was:

  1. Architecting for PHP5 – Why “Runs on PHP5” is not “Written for PHP5” by Elizabeth M Smith
  2. Lesser Known Security Problems in PHP Applications by Stefan Esser
  3. State of AJAX, the keynote by Ben Galbraith
  4. Security-Centered Design: Don’t Just Plan for Security; Design For It by Chris Shiflett
  5. Quickstart to Continious Integration by Sebastian Bergmann
  6. High Performance PHP & MySQL scaling techniques by Eli white

The keynote by Ben was undoubtedly the highlight of the day. The presentation was incredible and I am sure most people like me were disappointed when he ran out of time. I would have been happy had he continued for a little longer.
the talk was about the future of web apps, specifically using technologies like Google gears to bring web applications to the desktop.
It was great listening to Sebastian Bergmann, the author of PHPUnit, talk about continuous integration in PHP using PHPUnderControl. This interestingly was something that we were looking at using at work, so it was nice to learn a bit more about this. Eli White’s second presentation was excellent as well, although this time there was no Hoff :(

The day ended with a small party thrown by Yahoo!, I hung around for a bit, tried solving an impossible Yahoodoku puzzle and got a to drink a Yahoo-tini (plus keep the purple glow when placed in water ice cube).