Google Doctype

Google Doctype: Check it out, its an online encyclopedia written by devs, covering areas like web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks etc, and also includes a bunch of test cases for checking cross-browser compatibility.

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Scattered Links 25th November 2007

Smashing Magazine came out with their 30 More Excellent Blog Designs, if only I was as good as some of these designers The blog of one of the funniest people I have worked with. My Photograph of the Dolphin show at sea world, finally got included into the brisbane map I was talking about in an earlier post. A css builder application. A blog that looks like a unix terminal. I believe it is a wordpress blog, and I believe…

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Scattered Links 29th October 2007

Links to some interesting sites I came across recently A pretty nifty Sudoku Calculator for those wanting a little extra help., a place to download DHTML and Ajax code. Upload an image and have it converted to Ascii Art., a site which allows you to test your web design in different browsers. For those interested in Javascript frameworks, Mootools.

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