Back in India after over a year!

Landed on the 19th, and everyone at the airport was really hapy to see me (it might also have had something to do with Indias convincing win against Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup..but lets just say everyone was happy to see me) Spent the night in Mumbai and then headed early next morning home to Pune. This time I’m pretty sure the family was happy to see me (note it might still have had something to do with the…

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When Life Gets in the way

Finally back online! the past month has been crazy hectic, what with me moving into my own apartment, getting my basic furniture, appliances set up and finally getting my new laptop and internet connected, I have barely had time to breathe. (phew!) Now, however, since most of the hard work is out of the way, I can get down to relaxing in my own place and setting up my things exactly how I want :). The thing that I have…

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Photos Section

I finally managed to get the photos section of the site up and running, using the cool little wordpress plugin FAlbum. It allows me to display all my flickr photographs here, using the Flickr API and .htaccess very cleverly. There was only a minor issue of the sites CSS breaking when this plugin would fetch all the photos, but after commenting out about 6 small lines of code, it seems to be all fixed!

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